Wednesday, September 13, 2006

San Cipriano: cómo Alice se va

¿Te acuerdas cómo te fuiste en plena selva?
¿Cómo te fuiste en ese tren más ingenioso del mundo?
Sí, resulta que sí, lo describes muy bien en tu blog:

"The village it turns out is quite a way down what looks like a disused rail track. So, what the locals have done is develop their own transport using a woodern platform, a wooden bench (sadly not actually attached to the platform but precariously balanced) and a motorbike. Oh yes, the motor bike is attached to the platform, front wheel raised, back wheel resting on one of the tracks, and they drive at breakneck speed along the tracks to the village. Absolutly terrifying but so incredibly funny and you go through some stunning tropical rainforest the whole experience is totally unique and one i will probably never experience again."

Un beso de Ana

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